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About Us

        Dream to achieve wonder, hope to create excellence!

  Since its start in 1982, the Continental Hope Group has been steadily growing and developing. Today, it is a diversified industrial conglomerate with four main business groups: mechanical & electrical, energy & chemical, Hope Culture and Tourism, and construction & contracting. These businesses have applications in air conditioning, construction engineering, network engineering, sodium chlorate production, hydropower, tourism, hotel management, real estate development, food, finance, and investment, among others.

  In order to accomplish its energy saving mission, the mechanical and electrical sector developed the Senlan converter, Deep Blue air conditioner, and other products widely used in drive control and HVAC at home and abroad, exemplifying the definition of a Chinese “brand road”. The energy and chemical sector has created a “green” integrated industrial chain of “power generation, transmission, distribution, salt, chemicals, and new materials”, in which water and power resources help to produce sodium chlorate and other chemical products. In real estate and travel, the mission of “suitable for living, suitable for travel, suitable for business” has been used to create eight luxury real estate projects in China, including the exemplary living environment at “Atlantis Golden Dynasty” and the “Hainan Mumian Lake International Tourism Resort.” The construction division has the total package: housing construction, municipal engineering, interior decoration, steel, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, road construction, construction safety engineering, and other professional engineering qualification. It is fully equipped to build a dream city.

       At its core, the Group is high-tech. Resource utilization forms the links in an industrial layout centered upon “energy conservation and environmental protection, cyclical economy, quality of life, and urban movement”. From the beginning, a tight, three-dimensional, and comprehensive industry chain was formed. This large-scale industrial cluster model marks a long-term commitment to provide the market with superior products and services.

       The Group’s Business Philosophy: “Excellence without borders, Hope without limits”

            · Hope’s industrial standards endlessly pursue excellence

            · Hope’s service standards endlessly pursue excellence

            · Hope’s people spend their lives in the pursuit of excellence


        The Group’s vision: to make the sky bluer, the world greener, and life better!

        The Group’s mission: use outstanding products and services to create value for our customers.

        The Group’s values: people-centric focus, sincerity, trustworthiness, customer achievement, and community service.  


      The Group’s strategy: upgrade old industries, organize new industries scientifically, develop on a large scale, and internationalize operations. In the context of diversity, the development strategy is to become larger and stronger.