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Mr.Yongyan Liu

Founder of the Hope Group

Chairman of the Group Board

Continental Hope Group Chairman

University of Electronic Science and Technology AdjunctProfessor

Vice President of the Chengdu Chapter of the ChinaAssociation for Science and Technology

2003 recipient of the “Chinese Nobel Prize” – winner ofthe global “Outstanding Business Award”

As the eldest of the Liu brothers, YongyanLiu is discerning and forward thinking. He is an inventor with an intelligentand scientific mind, and he has been a hardworking entrepreneur his entirelife. In 1982, Yongyan Liu and his brothers quit their jobs to launch a companyin computer software development and quail farming, later entering the animalfeed industry as well. Mr. Liu and his brothers used their knowledge of animalnutrition, biology, and farming techniques to develop and test over 100 feed recipes.They produced feed comparable with advanced foreign products, and promoted theChinese feed industry’s technological revolution. The high-tech Group becameone of China’s largest private enterprises.

   Mr. Liu graduated from the University ofElectronic Science and Technology’s School of Computer Science, so he has adeep knowledge of the development and application of electronic hardware, aswell as software design, development, innovation, and applications. In theearly eighties, he developed the “BCD Numerical Control Programming Software”,which has become widely used and taught abroad. He first built the non-circularcurve-computing model, which has all types of military and civilian uses tosolve major technological problems. In 1995, he developed a three-phase sinewave inversion generator; the inverter and its related hardware has become thecircuitry for the Group’s Senlan products.

    In 1996, Mr. Liu created the Continental HopeGroup. The Group set up two high-tech enterprises as the foundation for itshigh-tech industries: Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Company and Hope SenlanTechnology Corporation. After ten years of unremitting efforts, Deepblue hasdeveloped into the largest producer of central air conditioners in westernChina, and Senlan has become China’s largest inverter producer and won manyhonors, including” Chinese Famous Brand”, “Famous Chinese Trademark”, and “China’sFirst Domestic Inverter Brand”.

    When Hope Group was first established inChina, Mr. Yongyan Liu said that facilities for high-tech research anddevelopment should be built in order to improve the core competitiveness of theenterprise and country. As such, the Chengdu Hope Institute for ElectronicTechnology partners with famous domestic universities and research institutesto expand personnel cooperation and set up post-doctoral fellowships withinternationally renowned enterprises to establish close business and researchrelationships.

  Mr. Yongyan Liu has made great achievements onthe road to technological innovation. He has proposed a “superconducting steadyspeed system”, and has invented a “three-phase sine wave inverter circuit”,along with a dozen other technologies. These have eased start-up and low torqueproblems with inverters, which has been a major breakthrough and placedultra-torque control technology in an advantageous position.

  UnderMr. Liu’s leadership, Hope Deep-blue Air-conditioning Company expects todevelop further applications for its distributed energy success stories: Deep-blueGreen Energy Center, water and geothermal heat pump central air conditioners,lithium bromide air conditioners, central vacuum systems, hot water units, andother products. The major scientific and technological achievements have beenquickly converted into products and market share. Among them, the Deep-blueGreen Energy Center’s energy utilization rate of 84% is among the highestinternationally, and geothermal heat pumps save 50% by using natural resources,putting it at the global forefront of energy saving.

  Although he is now more than sixty yearsold, Mr. Liu is still tirelessly swimming in the ocean of knowledge. Hisapplied research and new products have resulted in a hundred patents and productionand process equipment modifications, all of which have been applied to theGroup’s electrical machinery, energy, and chemical industries. He has achievedeconomic and social benefits, and should be counted among the “businessmenscientists” and “scientific community of entrepreneurs”.