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  The Energy andChemical Sector is the Group’s effort to build a “green” circular industrialchain. After several years of rapid development, it has showcased itscomparative advantages, including unique technology, environmental protection,brand recognition, and network management. The sector’s main businesses aredivided between the energy industry and chemical industry, as well as hybrid processesin which electrical energy is used to achieve higher value-add in chemicalproducts.

Energy Industry

  Theenergy industry uses energy and chemical applications to build a circularindustrial chain. The upstream industry is hydropower development, which hasbeen working in the Maoxian River Valley to establish a stable energy supplyand integrate and improve the Maoxian grid to ensure the quality of the energysupply. The Group owns four companies, namely: Maoxian Power Company (localgrid), Maoxian Water Company (water network), Sichuan Hope HydropowerDevelopment Company (power generation), and Maoxian Engineering Company(construction).

  The Maoxianenergy industry has unique resource advantages that allow for the integratedmanagement of the “generation, transmission, and distribution” of power, aswell as a holistic approach to development incorporating the “projectdevelopment, construction, and management” of projects.

Chemical Industry

  Thechemical industry has also incorporated a supply chain of upstream anddownstream industries to become a leader in technology. The Group is one of theChinese Chemical Society’s five standard-setting members, and “Hope Deep-blue”sodium chlorate is one of the industry’s leading brands.

  The Group’s chemicalindustry’s production base and sales company has an annual capacity is 100,000tons of sodium chlorate and 300 tons of sapphire.