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  The construction sector is composed of Sichuan Huaxi Hope General Contracting Company and Sichuan Hope Deep-blue Network Engineering Company.

  Sichuan Huaxi Hope Construction General Contracting Company is a comprehensive national-level construction company specializing in housing construction, building renovation, steel works, municipal and public works, road work, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, architectural engineering, distribution engineering, and other general contracting and applications. It is engaged in project management, construction management services, consulting, material supply, machinery and equipment leasing, and the sale of construction materials. In 2005 it received the “People’s Republic of China Foreign Project Contracting Business Qualification Certificate”, which redners Huaxi now able to bid for and work on housing construction and other projects worldwide.

  The company has experience and technical knowledge is all sorts of large-scale construction projects. It has successfully developed a computer-integrated business management software system incorporating enterprise management information and a closed network.

  The company is known throughout the province and the country for its use of advanced management concepts, improvements on the technology of construction projects, attention to personnel training, management information sharing, honesty, quality, service, and user satisfaction. Especially in the five Southwest provinces, but also in coastal areas where it has carried out projects, Huaxi has achieved a good reputation for effectiveness.