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1. The Talent Value Concept:

   Three Unities

   Unity betweenpersonal goals and business goals,

   unity between personal interests and  business interests,

   and unity between personal success and business success

2. The essentialcharacteristics of Hope’s culture: the people.

3. Choosing peoplefor the job: the most suitable person is better than the best person

4.  Employmentstandards:

    The “Three Looks and Three Don’t Looks”

    Look for moralcharacter, look for ability,

    and look for outstanding achievement.

    Do not lookfor academic credentials,

    do not look for connections,

     and do not look for age.

5. Using thePrinciples of Talent:

   Six Be’s with Four Uses

   Six Be’s:

   besincere to others, be moral to others, be emotional to others,

   be lawfullytowards others, be beneficial to others, preserve others’ industry

   Four Uses:

   reusevirtuous and talented people,

   sparingly use virtuous but untalented people,

   cautiously use people with talent but no virtue,

   and don’t use untalented andimmoral people

6. We promote:

   honest people, intelligent work, diligent work, and the pursuit of excellence.